The Rise of Inclusive Shapewear: Brands Catering to Diverse Body Types

The Rise of Inclusive Shapewear: Brands Catering to Diverse Body Types

We are so glad to see how much the fashion industry has changed and we are also glad that we were able to see how the revolutionary shift it has had towards a more inclusive industry, that celebrates the diversity and beauty of the human body. The shapewear industry has also transformed itself. 

Shapewear was traditionally associated with a limited range of body shapes and sizes, but with the rise of inclusivity, we get to see how stereotypes are being challenged and how women and men around the world are empowered to embrace their unique bodies and figures with much more confidence than before when they decide to buy or wear wholesale shapewear, which is great.

How did the process start?

It started when the traditional norms started to get broken. Historically, shapewear was criticized as it adhered to beauty standards that were rigid. These old beauty standards used to promote that one-size-fits-all mentality, when the reality is that the human body not only comes in different shapes but also in different sizes.


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And the reality is that slowly with the years, there was a growing demand by everyone who used to feel left out before and were never able to find something to fit their bodies. Thankfully, some brands that think forward, like Waistdear, decided to challenge these norms and design and offer shapewear that will cater to a bigger spectrum of body types.

It’s important to notice that this shift that many brands have had is not only a response to the demand of the consumers but it’s a way to acknowledge that a diverse range of bodies exist and they all need to be appreciated.

The Rise of Inclusivity in Shapewear

The good thing about the rise of inclusivity in shapewear is that it has aligned itself with the body positivity movement. This moment encourages individuals to embrace and love their bodies the way they are. And to align themselves with the movement, shapewear brands want to celebrate how unique each body is, and emphasize that shapewear is a tool to enhance confidence, instead of following the expectations of society.

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This approach resonates a lot with consumers who seek products that not only promote a positive self-image but that also align with their values. So, it is quite important for brands to change their values and approach in this matter.

We have seen a change and now brands offer a wide range of sizes to cater to all body types and shapes. We not only see it in the shapewear industry, but also in the fashion industry.And they are starting to recognize the importance of representation. This means brands are now hiring and featuring diverse models in their advertising campaigns and even in their runways.

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When brands showcase individuals that come in different shapes and sizes, but even abilities and ethnicities. They are sending a powerful message not only to other brands but to their consumers, and it’s that beauty comes in many different forms. This will make their products, in this case shapewear, much more relatable, and people will feel that they belong, and start feeling accepted amongst other consumers.

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How is this being achieved?

One of the ways we have seen significant development is that we are now creating designs that are size-inclusive. We see how brands are now expanding their size ranges to be able to offer their shapewear products to a much broader group of consumers. This ensures them that their clients, no matter their size or body shape, will find a shapewear piece that will suit their needs and even their style preferences.

Consumers really love seeing that brands are really committing to inclusivity because they genuinely care about their clients, and they do not simply do it as a business strategy. They love being given the option to find something that has been made for their unique bodies.

The inclusivity brands are approaching doesn't only mean it comes or relates to the sizes. The designs need to fit the various existing body shapes. Brands understand that one piece that has been made for hourglass figures won’t fit a pear-shaped body, and vice versa.

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These pieces have options to customize and adjust, providing comfort and ensuring that these shapewear pieces still enhance their natural curves. Now it’s important to have sustainability considerations. Besides being inclusive, many brands are creating ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly products.

They are changing to use more ethical manufacturing practices, incorporating the use of sustainable materials, and making their supply chain more transparent. This commitment to being more socially responsible will resonate with consumers, especially those who make more sustainable and ethical choices when they purchase their products, especially shapewear and clothing in general.

We love seeing how brands, like Waistdear, from whom you can read all about at the waistdear reviews, and many others, have started challenging the norms of what society expects and considers the perfect body, and started showing the world that the human body comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. And we should love and appreciate each one. We need to start loving ourselves and accepting our bodies, Besides be sure we are not damaging someone else by making comments about their self-image or bodies.


Now brands are not only offering a wider range of sizes when it comes to shapewear, but we are also seeing them hiring and portraying models with different body shapes and sizes. Which will make their consumers feel like they are not excluded anymore like they used to be. We see these models not only on their social media platforms but more and more we get to see more inclusive runways and catwalks.

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Look for brands that make you feel important and included and whose values resonate with you. This means that they offer inclusive sizes, and provide eco-friendly and sustainable products while also following ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes, which is also something that is and should be important not only for brands but also for consumers.


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