The Evolution of Shapewear: How Did Shapewear Evolve?

The Evolution of Shapewear: How Did Shapewear Evolve?

Shapewear can be considered one of the silent allies in the world of fashion, and it has been around for many years, while it has also evolved a lot during all these years. During the beginnings of shapewear, it was considered a restrictive corset, but it now has evolved into more body-positive and technologically advanced garments.

The journey now reflects how much fashion trends have changed and will keep changing but also how society has had a shift in their attitude towards comfort, and self-expression.  We want to explore how much shapewear has evolved, from just a way to conform to the way society said it to a tool for empowerment.

A little bit of history

Shapewear can actually be traced back for centuries. Corsets used to dominate fashion during the Victorian era. They were rigid undergarments that were designed to cinch the waist, which would give the woman who wore them a very exaggerated hourglass figure.

While back then, these corsets were very fashionable, the fact that they had a very restrictive nature and created some health implications and problems, eventually led to a gradual shift that started in the early 20th century.

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In the 20s, girdles started emerging. They were a much less constructive alternative to corsets and they focused on giving people a smoother silhouette instead of dramatically altering the shape of the body. All of this makes the start from the change from rigid corsets to shapewear that has a much more functional approach.

Then came the liberation in the 60s and 70s. During these years, society had a change towards women’s bodies, which gave shapewear another transformation. During these times shapewear started getting much more comfortable and flexible.

Girdles started using much stretchier and lighter materials that allowed people to have much more freedom of movement. All of these changes were aligned with the focus on self-expression and liberation of the era.

Technological, fabrics and other advances

In the late 20th century, then came a revolution with the materials that were used in shapewear, as lycra and other synthetic fabrics were introduced into the market. These materials were not only extremely innovative but provided much more comfort, breathability, and elasticity. This also paved the way for shapewear whose focus was on enhancing the natural curves instead of reshaping the body. Now, we see that shapewear is way more versatile and accommodates a wider range of sizes and body types.

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Now we can see that there are more smart textiles that are used in the manufacturing of shapewear. For example, many offer features like temperature control, are moisture-wicking and even some have antimicrobial properties, which definitively elevates the functionality that shapewear offers.

The good thing about these advancements come in really handy to people who wear shapewear, as they will enhance comfort but also will reflect that there’s a commitment to integrate fashion and technology together, giving consumers a much more sophisticated and seamless experience.

We love that contemporary shapewear is all about functionality and comfort. It’s important that now shapewear is not here to force the bodies into a shape that is unnatural, and they will actually work with the natural curves of the body. This will not only support the body but it will also enhance the confidence of those who wear it. All of this is thanks to shapewear having seamless designs, using breathable fabrics, and providing targeted compression.

Brands embracing inclusivity and body positivity

We are seeing that in recent years, the shapewear industry as well as the fashion industry has been embracing the principle of inclusivity and body positivity. One of these brands is Waistdear, and you can read all about them in the waistdear reviews they offer.

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Brands like them and have started shifting their focus on only promoting the previously idealized body shape are now celebrating the diversity of human bodies as well as individuality. Their shapewear has size-inclusive designs, which is now a priority for them, and this has led them to expand their size and sometimes even color palette ranges to be able to offer products to a much broader spectrum of shapes and sizes.

They are starting to include much more diverse models in their advertising campaigns, social media, and even in the product images for those who sell online. This not only reinforces the message that beauty comes in many different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, etc.

It is quite important to highlight the fact that for many years, people with bodies that were not considered in the societal standards, used to feel not included, left behind, and always had a hard time finding not only clothes but also shapewear. Brands that are inclusive now, know that everyone deserves to have an amazing figure and get their natural curves enhanced.

Everyone, no matter their body shape or size, deserves to have a tool like shapewear that will allow them to have their confidence enhanced, so it's important to applaud brands that are making a change and offering everyone this possibility.

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The shapewear evolution will mirror how the attitude and thought have changed in the society towards self-expression, beauty, and comfort. They started as restrictive corsets and nowadays we can enjoy garments that are technologically advanced and body-positive. The evolution of shapewear has really come a long way.

The contemporary approach that shapewear has emphasizes celebrating individuality, comfort, and inclusivity, which shows how there has been a big cultural shift and we are now embracing many different notions of beauty.

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We are sure that shapewear will keep evolving, because it is an integral and dynamic part of the fashion industry, offering consumers the freedom to shape their silhouettes and get their desired figures on their own terms. We believe there are going to be many more technological advances, not only in materials but also in functionality and we will end up enjoying the amazing benefits that shapewear has and will have to offer for everyone now and in the future.





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