The Best Selling Shapewear Trend for Early Spring

The Best Selling Shapewear Trend for Early Spring

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It will be an understatement to say that the shapewear market has seen a boom in the last few years. A closer look at the statistics and it is clear that the shapewear is as important a part of any woman's wardrobe today as any other essential. Women all over the world are demanding body shaper products because the influence of commercial advertisements, entertainment channels, influencers & bloggers, movie stars and celebrity endorsements has been far reaching along with the deep rooted intrinsic desire to have a flawless body figure that quintessentially defines women. Where enhancing one’s aesthetic beauty is considered as a goal for majority of the global fashion consumers, there are others who are gravitating towards the use of body shapers and waist trainers for maintaining a healthy fitness regime.

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As a trend we can see that social media as well as society has set up certain ideal, desirable beauty standards which women of all ages try to emulate. One of the most positive changes in today’s times is that the women today are more conscious of their body, their strengths and their flaws and try to work upon them to maintain a certain standard of beauty. And if shapewear can facilitate that goal by providing flexibility, rigidity and support besides augmenting the aesthetic beauty, then it is certainly a fantastic innovation of modern invention & technology!

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Nowadays women on a global scale are educating themselves on different types of clothing and innerwear that can enhance their looks depending upon the occasion and need. Just getting a beautiful dress or a pretty jumpsuit and donning it thoughtlessly with hanging bulges, visible cellulite or body fat is no longer the order of the day. The right shapewear, the perfect bodysuit, the flawless tummy tucker or the ideal waist belt are things that women are looking into most meticulously and then making their selection in order to bypass their body conventions and obtain seamless figures.

They are also more open to experimentation with new styles and looks, thanks to the fashion bloggers, influencers and celebrities of today and most importantly the internet that has really brought everything to us within an easy reach. And going a step further, women do not wish to simply follow the trends or the latest in the market, they actually want to be trendsetters themselves while inspiring others along the way. It is this precision to detail that has also inspired companies and brands all over the world to work upon a range of shapewear products and their assortments be it the full body shapers or the butt lifters, bodysuits or the shapewear panty, seamless shapers or the sports suits that truly accentuate the beauty of women bringing out the diva in her. And the market leaders in the shapewear & activewear industry, Waistdear, are doing a commendable job of offering the best shapewear and waist trainers with multiple benefits that women can opt for without flinching an eyelid.


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Having a massive experience of more than ten years in the shapewear, compression wear and athleisure wear industry, Waistdear products are only getting better with time. With an extensive infrastructure comprising of fully integrated 20 production lines, in-house manufacturing, beaming, knitting, dyeing and finishing operations and more than 500 employees spread over 150 countries working tirelessly to innovate, produce and manage the best and hottest selling designs, Waistdear boasts of an impressive stock of inventory that is any woman's dream. Most of their designs feature light control fabrics that feel like you're not wearing anything at all, while others use firmer materials for more compression. Also most people probably think of shorts or bodysuits when it comes to shapewear but today there is a whole gamut of products that make up this burgeoning industry and from which you can choose from depending upon your exact requirement.


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So no matter what you are looking for, there is definitely something for everyone irrespective of your style, mood or occasion. Their comprehensive range includes not only the full body shapers but also bras, tank tops, yoga pants, seamless leggings, tummy tuckers & wholesale waist trainers. The waist trainers have also been gaining popularity in the past few years because of their instant result of providing an hourglass figure. A waist trainer is basically an elastic compression band which is worn on the waist to cinch it in order to impart a perfect waistline and body figure. It is the instant quick-fix for attaining that super envious body and is also convenient & easy to use because of its delicate and breathable fabric.

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The benefits of wearing shapewear are manifold besides offcourse the most obvious visual aesthetics. Firstly, the elastic property of shapewear provides compression, improves posture, and makes the back straighter and firmer. Secondly shapewear helps to walk and sit and reduces excessive tension on the back, especially for those who sit for extended hours at work. Thirdly, it works wonders for new moms who have limited time on hand and wish to get rid of those extra inches as fast as possible.

Noteworthy is the fact that most of the shapewear whether it is the flexible shaper panty or the wholesale faja suit, the hot yoga pants or the delicate waist cinchers can all be worn everyday while carrying on with your usual day-to-day chores without any compromises. You could wear them to the gym, the office, while shopping, going out or just about anything. These are soft, breathable and fit like second skin while giving support to your bust and back throughout. And not to forget, these are completely invisible since they are worn under your main clothing fitting in seamlessly. What more could you ask for! So if you are looking at firming your bust or tummy, tightening your butt, getting rid of your cellulite or reducing your waistline, then look no further. Simply log on to Waistdear website and place your order today. Just remember, whatever your problem area, shapewear is the solution.

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