How to Sensualize With the Right Lingerie

How to Sensualize With the Right Lingerie

When you think of a piece related to our intimacy and the special moments in life, the first piece that comes to mind is the


For years on end this piece is eternalized by us and has a VERY important role in the fashion universe, making us feel much more powerful and exalting sensuality, isn't it? And having several pieces in the wardrobe helps even more to raise our self-esteem.

And in today's article we're going to talk a little about how to sensualize using the right lingerie.

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Who seeks wholesale plus size lingerie you shouldn't miss this opportunity. Despite being an indispensable piece in our wardrobe, anyone who thinks it's easy to find an ideal model for this piece is wrong.

It is an infinity of shapes, handles, clasps, finishes, fabrics and details that present a different result on each body.

And to find the perfect piece, we are going to give you some important and interesting tips:

-The first thing to keep in mind is knowing your measurements, both for in-person purchases and even more so for online purchases. So as not to make any more mistakes, before going to the lingerie store, measure your bust, chest, waist and hips with a measuring tape and write down the centimeters of each part.

Understand that sizes may vary the price of modeling depending on the brand. So, whenever you go to buy a piece, check its value on the label or on the table that is available on the websites.

-It's no use for the piece to be pretty if it doesn't have a good fit on the body, and with regard to lingerie in terms of a bra, for example, the ideal size is the one that is positioned in the middle of your back. The straps should be snug, but not tight or slipping off your shoulders.

The bowl and cups must be comfortable and the center of the piece must be very close to the body. Otherwise, you will need a larger model that accommodates your bust well.

As for the panties, the sides of your waist should not be tight or sticking out of the garment, as you run the risk of getting marks on your body or poor blood circulation. However, the piece cannot be too loose, as the ends can end up curling up, marking the clothes or causing discomfort.

-Find models that value your curves, there are pieces that have the power to value

your curves, making you more sexy and comfortable. Therefore, when buying lingerie, choose those that value your body, regardless of your biotype.

After all, skinny or chubby women must also praise what they think is most beautiful in their bodies or they cannot feel sensual!

When you want to have more modeling in your curves when wearing a dress or skirt, for example, bet on shaping shorts, which avoid chafing between the thighs. When the blouse is transparent, it is interesting to wear a lacy bra that greatly enhances your look and the beauty of your body.

-Don't forget to take into account your style, always giving preference to the colors and prints that you most identify with. If you like neutral pieces, invest in pieces with these colors.

If you like to be daring, there are several models for this, such as lace, intense colors and the traditional leopard print. The rule, in addition to wearing something that fits your size, is to feel beautiful and safe.

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-Be very careful and careful when choosing the fabric, as its quality is a factor that makes a total difference in durability, fit and safety when wearing lingerie. Our tip is to evaluate all the fabric, seams and textures before taking the bra, panties or any type of clothing.

If the garment is too soft, it will not firm your silhouette as it should, the fabric must be firm! Remember that models with thick and excessive seams can mark the body and clothes.

Also pay attention if the lingerie has a tendency to fray easily. If you want to avoid this problem, look for seamless panties, for example. Materials such as polyamide have low resistance and durability, unlike microfiber and normal polyester.

-Respect your body type, when we buy the right lingerie for our biotype, they fit like a glove, in addition to providing safety and comfort. That said, to make your choice easier, get to know the most common body types and try to identify yours facing the mirror.

Finally, get to know your body type well when choosing high quality, comfortable and beautiful garments.

Therefore, when buying lingerie, it is important to take into account particularities that go far beyond the model, such as size, fabric type and your body type. Know your characteristics of your biotype and knock out the lingerie.

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Another aspect that we must take into account is

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Physical activity outdoors or even at the gym is something very common for those who want and appreciate a healthy life.

However, some people end up exaggerating, and sometimes they can get hurt by excessive activity or even by doing it the wrong way.

The training belt helps improve performance and protects the area that suffers most from intense training. Studies prove that the use of this item is extremely important for those who exercise, thus preserving their health.


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This type of belt is recommended for people who are already in advanced stages of their training or not and who carry weights much heavier than their body.

It helps to maintain the posture, the belt increases the pressure in the abdomen and helps to start the exercises with the correct posture, avoiding injuries. Thus, the person protects himself from any injury and can continue to exercise without worry.

In addition, it increases performance: the item helps a lot with performance when exercising, in addition to protecting the health of the spine. In this way, the exercises can even be leveled up.

For those who perform squats,

according to published studies, the belt proved to be very important when doing squats, as contractions in the abdominal muscles and diaphragm cause intra-abdominal pressure, so the belt reduces this pressure and hits the spine, reducing the force that the body would do without him.

In the case of us women, the belt is essential for better performance in this type of exercise.

There are many types of lumbar belts, so it's important to find one that's right for your type of exercise. That way, for a better result and without bruises, see which item is most suitable for your situation.

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