Shapewear Bulk Buying 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Buying shapewear in bulk is not always an easy task and it is always important for those who want to start doing it, basically beginners, to have a guide to help them go through this process as smoothly as possible, so their experience is the best and they continue doing it in the process.

For those who are looking to buy wholesale shapewear, we have the best tips and also insights to help people make purchase decisions that are informed, especially when they are looking to buy shapewear in bulk.

Wholesale High-waisted Butt Lifter with removable hip pads

It is always important to know first what are the benefits you can get from buying shapewear in bulk but also then, what factors you need to consider when you want to buy them. As it was previously mentioned, it is important to make informed decisions and just not go and buy just because.

Benefits of buying shapewear in bulk

When buying shapewear in bulk and hot sale custom waist trainer, you’ll get some benefits. One of the first benefits you’ll get is that you will be saving on your costs, as you’ll be available to get wholesale prices. This means that you will have significant savings if you compared them with buying individual pieces.

Wholesale Waist Trainer 5 Plastic Bones Sticker High-Compression

You can get also faster delivery, as many wholesale suppliers have faster delivery times, that sometimes will ship your products within the first 72 hours after you make the payment.  

Also, when you are buying wholesale shapewear you will have a much bigger and wider range of options for you to choose from. There will be much more sizes, colors, and styles that will definitively cater to the preferences of your customers.

And finally, when you buy shapewear in bulk, like for example a built-in shaper dress, you will get the same consistent quality on all your products, which is important if you want to keep your customer’s loyalty and satisfaction too.

Wholesale Seamless One-shoulder Slanted Neck Waist Trimming Shaper Dress

What factors should you be considering?

To buy wholesale shapewear is always important to consider some factors like the following ones, so you can actually make the most informed purchasing decisions. The first factor to consider is material and quality. These are very important to consider and you will need to look for suppliers that offer products with high-quality. The materials should provide the best comfort, breathability, and durability.

You also need to look for reliable supplier likes Waistdear that has a diverse range of products that will fulfill the needs of your customers. Ideally, they should have bodysuits, thigh shapers, waist trainers, and other options, and they should have different styles and sizes available.

It is important that you compare prices from different suppliers, this way you’ll be sure you are getting the best prices and deals. In this particular factor, is important that you make quality a priority over getting the lowest price.  The best suppliers will be the ones that offer not only discounts when you make bulk purchases but also competitive prices and also have no minimum order quantity restrictions or MOQ.

Upgrade-Wholesale 3-bones Triple-breasted High-waisted Elastic Body Pants

They should also be able to offer you reliable and fast shipping, especially when you are buying wholesale shapewear. They should be offering you low shipping costs with timely delivery. In addition, Waistdear provides dropshipping service, which will save your time and cost more.

Depending on what you are wanting to offer, it should be also important to look for suppliers that offer the option to customize their products, like ODM or OEM services, as they will allow you to customize and personalize your shapewear products with your own labels, branding, and any other specific requirements.

And finally, you should take your time to research the reviews and reputations and any other testimonials you can find about the supplier you are choosing. When they have a good reputation and also positive feedback, that will indicate that there’s and will be customer satisfaction and that they are reliable suppliers.



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