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If you have a body shaper store and you are looking for a supplier of this type of product, know that Waistdear has the best body shapers, at a low price, and delivers worldwide, in addition, they are manufacturers and deliver to all the world.

If you have a body shaper store and you are looking for a supplier of this type of product, know that Waistdear has the best body shapers, at a low price, and delivers worldwide, in addition, they are manufacturers, and deliver to all the world.

The store has very high-quality wholesale body shapers, very comfortable and very resistant pieces, to provide greater security to its customers. They work with all sizes, from the smallest to the plus size, in order to cater to all audiences, with different body types. You also find several different modelers, for every taste and need.

Wholesale🌿 Eco-friendly Seamless Outerwear Belly Control Thong Bodysuit


The model above is well sought after by many women, as it is basic and comfortable, and can be used for any occasion, from household chores, to outdoor walks, and also special events, such as parties for example.

It is a bodysuit made with ecological materials, with very soft fabric that is invisible under clothes. It has a slightly more closed neckline, but it gives great support to the breasts, slims the waist, and even though it's a thong, it still gives the butt a lift.

Wholesale Seamless Outer Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit

This is another extremely comfortable model that can only be worn with other bottoms such as pants, skirts, and shorts. It is a very beautiful and elegant combination and is ideal to be used on colder days.

In addition, it even has a crotch closure design to make it easier to go to the bathroom, as we know how complicated it is to undress in public places with this type of clothing. You can find this piece in several sizes, up to 5XL.

Butt Lifter Tummy Control High Waisted Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts

Those who like a simpler piece, such as these shorts, will also really like this piece, as it helps to slim the waist with its super-resistant fabric, its closure has a hook to make it easier when it comes to putting it on and taking it off, and it even has lace on the thigh bar, to give the piece a more sophisticated look.

Wholesale 3 Layers of Abdomen Adjustable Strap Postsurgical Full Body Shaper

The most classic and elegant women will definitely like this shapewear, as it takes the entire torso, modeling the silhouette, giving the hourglass shape that every woman loves and seeks.

Wholesale Large Size Full Body Shaper Fajas Front Zipper Smooth Abdomen

This bodysuit is also a great option for you who want to be a distributor to put it in your store, it is a basic model, of the highest quality, with a front zipper that is hidden, and provides more support and security for the woman. It is invisible under clothing and does not mark anything.

You must be wondering, how to become a faja distributor, and to buy in the store is very simple, just register, choose the pieces you want to buy, and add them to your shopping cart, after checking and clicking finish your order, just check your delivery address, and put your payment details. After approval of the order, it is sent, and soon your purchase will arrive at your home.

It's all very easy and simple for you to be a Waistdear distributor, so be sure to check out the pieces, and have the best products in your store.

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