How to Start a Wholesale Shapewear Business from Scratch?

Many people need to start businesses, for necessity, because they want to turn their hobbies into something that can bring them extra money. Finding something to sell or offer isn’t easy. Especially something that it’s going to be successful and bring you profits.

Selling custom shapewear has become a very successful and profitable business. Starting your wholesale shapewear business from scratch can be quite challenging, but you will notice in the end it will be very rewarding too.

Here are some of the steps that you should follow to start a very successful shapewear business from scratch.

Define a business model

Shapewear is a clothing product that can involve different types of business models, like wholesaling, manufacturing retailing, and also selling in online stores. You’ll need to choose the right business model, that will suit your plans and budget. It is always important to do proper research before selecting the right one.


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While in this case, we are focusing on wholesaling new arrival shapewear, it will be important that you know and understand this business model and what it involves.

Market research

Not only to start a shapewear business you need to research the market, this is something that you need to do in any type of business. Either if its products or services. You’ll need to understand and the market trends, the demands, the growth, your competitors, and the competition in general.  It’s important to figure out what’s now trending and what people are buying, so you can create a catalog of the items you are going to buy.

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Find a supplier

You can either find a manufacturer, waist trainer vendors, or other wholesalers. As you are starting up, your budget might be big which means you’ll need to find a manufacturer with no or low minimum order.

By starting small, you can later scale your business once you start making profits. Some wholesalers and manufacturers will give you extra discounts when you place larger orders with them.  


It’s always important that you request your manufacturer samples, so this way you can ensure the quality of the products you are going to stock your store with and if they are the right fit for your future customers. It will also help you check how efficient they are at shipping your products and in general.



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Creating a catalog

This will be an important step to follow once you have selected the product you want to offer. If you create a catalog around them, you will be able to showcase them to your potential customers.

Set up your online store

Setting up an online store is not only an excellent way to save money on some costs, like opening a physical store, but will help you reach a much wider audience too. You can create one on the many online selling platforms and even create your own online store on your social media pages too. Some might have some smart marketing tools to help you be successful.

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Advertise your products

Once everything has been set up, it’s important that you start to market and advertise your products to your potential customers. You can make marketing campaigns on Google or your social media platforms so you can reach a much wider audience and get the attention of your potential clients.



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While it’s not extremely hard to start a wholesale shapewear business, it will definitively require hard work, like doing proper research, planning, looking for resources, dedication, and most importantly, patience. If you follow the right strategies, your shapewear business will be quite successful as you will be meeting the needs of your customers and they won’t want to change you.



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