Find the Best Wholesale Waist Trainers with Custom Logos

Have you been looking for new waist trainers, so you can have the most amazing hourglass figure? Or, do you want to start a new shapewear business and also sell waist trainers too?  And have them with your logo branded on them. And, we are sure you want them at the best prices too, right?

Well, fear no more, we will help you discover the top-rated wholesale waist trainers in the market. They are from our favorite wholesale shapewear and waist trainer brand, called Waistdear. They have over 10 years of experience in the market which has led them to be the leading manufacturer and fabric as well as being considered an innovative wholesale eco-friendly and stylish brand.

They also offer many different shapewear products, like fajas, obviously waist trainers, wholesale sports bra, and shapewear outerwear, amongst many others. In many styles, colors, and sizes, even having a plus size category.

The services they offer, include the customization of their products according to your logo and branding needs, amongst many other services that will be very helpful for those who are looking to take their waist trainers and shapewear business to another level.

We consider them one of our favorite wholesale companies, so we highly recommend them to you if you are looking for the best wholesale waist trainers with logo. Their staff will make sure everything goes according to plan. We want to share with you our top picks.


The top-rated waist trainer picks

The first piece we want to share with you is their hourglass figure-shaping waist trainer with 15 built-in steel bones. The upper hem is short in the front and long in the back, offering U-shaped support in the breast area, shrinking them and also supporting the back fat. The hem is also short in the back and long in the front with a front arc design, reducing abdominal fat, and also an upward arc design in the back to not press the buttocks.

It has two layers of compression fabric in the abdomen, to tight it effectively. Its inner layer has a design with center and front buttons, that make it adjustable and also an outer zipper design. It has 15 steel bones to help shape your body. The buttons and zippers are golden in color and the waist-cover has embossed decorative strips that are glossy.

Wholesale Hourglass Figure Shaping Waist Trainer with 15 Built-in Steel Bone

The second one is their waist trainer 5 plastic bones sticker high-compression. It is made with a high-elastic fabric made from elastane and polyamide, providing targeted compression. To prevent rolling and provide support it has been lined with 5 plastic bones. It also has triple adjustable straps which have stickers to give you a fit that is customizable.

It has an upper belt that will help raise the bust but also a lower one that fights the belly fat. It is perfect to wear for exercises and workouts like weight lifting, as it will support the back, relieve lower back pain, and improve posture. It also has a vibrant leopard print.

 Wholesale Waist Trainer 5 Plastic Bones Sticker High-Compression

And the final one is the Sports Fat Burning Waist Belt Waist Trainer Cincher. This piece has a highly elastic blue PU-coated lining with technology, that increases and gathers the temperature of the body while you are doing any activities, while it also stimulates sweating, cleaning pores, reducing moisture, and detoxifying and cleaning the pores.

It has anti-slip glue, that will help avoid any sliding or rolling. The elasticity band is highly elastic and skin-friendly and provides a large adjustable range. It will feel very comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear it for a long time. You can wear it during activities such as boxing, yoga, cycling, running, dancing, etc.

Wholesale New Sports Fat Burning Waist Belt Waist Trainer Cincher Workout


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