5 Tips on Choosing the Right Shapewear for Your Body

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I'm sure you've heard about modeling straps, and if you haven't used them yet, you've thought about how it would make a difference in those looks you want to wear, but don't feel so comfortable due to your body shape.

Modeling belts work magic on our body, they put everything in place, give it a guitar shape, or an hourglass shape, as you prefer to call it, consequently, we feel more powerful and happy with our image.

If you don't know, most celebrities wear shapewear under their dresses on the red carpet, it's something very common, which is being adopted by women all over the world every day.

And because it has become so popular, nowadays there are several types of modeling belts, with different fabrics and colors, that it ends up being difficult for us to decide which is the best choice for our body, but you can rest assured that in this article you will You will see 5 tips to know how to choose the best modeling belt for your body type.

1. Buy your right size

When searching for body wholesale shaper, many women end up choosing a piece that is smaller than their normal size, thinking that the tighter it is, the more it will hide localized fat, but in fact, the opposite happens. The tighter, the more localized fat will be in evidence, and you will appear to be bigger than you are.

So, if you can, go to a modeling belt store and try on the pieces, so you can have an idea of ​​which one you will feel more beautiful and comfortable. Do not forget to wear underwear underneath for hygienic purposes.

Wholesale Seamless Tighten The Abdomen One-piece Shapewear Briefs

If you still don't know, Waist Dear is the best store for you to buy this type of product, being a manufacturer and supplier of modeling belts, sportswear, lingerie and much more, with quality and low prices.

2. Choose a full bodysuit for a more complete look

As there are several types of shapewear, such as those that only shape the waist, buying a full bodysuit can make it much easier when it comes to getting your look right, as it shapes the whole body, slimming the waist, shaping the thighs, prancing the butt and even giving more support to the breasts.

This WaistDear model is perfect, it comes in several different skin tones, and its fabric is very resistant and comfortable, has a very soft touch, and is very discreet under your clothes. Can be worn with dresses, pants, shorts and skirts.

Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper

3. Choose soft fabrics for smoother curves in your body, and stronger fabrics for a greater change in your shape.

When buying your body shaper, it is important to look at the label for the type of fabric it is made of, remember that the more nylon it has, the greater the strength to shape and model your body. If you don't want something as potent then choose lighter fabrics as they will just soften your body contour.

Wholesale Curve Creator Rose Red Zipper Neoprene Waist

WaistDear has wholesale waist trainers, like the one in the photo above, they are 20% nylon, very resistant and breathable. Perfect to be used in your workouts at the gym, or even in everyday activities.

As you can see, it has 3 belts to give greater resistance and slim your waist, putting everything in place. It helps to activate blood circulation, increasing the temperature and helping to burn more calories.

4. High waist will shape your torso

Typically, high-waisted pants, skirts, and even shorts help to soften the lines of your torso, so this bra-length shaper below is a great choice for that purpose.

Wholesale Eco-friendly🌿 Seamless High-Waisted Tummy Control Short

5. Get your butt flat without surgery

If you are not completely happy with the shape of your butt, and are afraid of having surgery or some other less invasive procedure, at Waist Dear you can solve your problem with butt lifting shapewear, which help to lift your butt, and modeling its shape.

Wholesale Good High Waist Lace Butt Enhancer Panty Curve Smoothing

This model above is beautiful, and very charming, with lace that makes it more sophisticated. Perfect for wearing under dresses, skirts, shorts and pants. Its fabric is very resistant and comfortable, you can also find it in black and it has several sizes, for all biotypes.

It is a piece that can be used every day, at special events, or even in everyday tasks, to wear under more casual clothes. It has 70% nylon, so its fabric is very strong, to shape your body more intensely.

Now it's easier for you to buy the perfect shapewear for your body type. Everything will depend on your purpose, and what you most want to model. Take advantage of Waist Dear discounts, and feel more beautiful and attractive with your body shapers.

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