I Found A Hidden Gem! 3 High-Quality Shapewear and Waist Trainer for My Everyday Wear

I have always been quite insecure about my body. With many naysayers and body shamers, I've sadly succumbed to feeling sad about not being able to wear whatever I want. Whenever there are new fashion trends I want to try and take pictures with, I get discouraged by the little voices in my head that tell me I'm not good enough.

Recently, I've been mentally preparing myself in being sincere and kind to my body. Working out, eating right, and giving pep talk every morning has helped me accept my body for all its curves. One of the key factors that helped my self-esteem is body shaper.

It was so difficult to find shapewear that' cheap but will have a lot of uses. Whenever I go on different websites, I find it difficult to decide which one to choose. I have searched eBay and Amazon, and even watched influencers' recommendations. However, what I found only made it difficult to shop online. If the product is great, the price is too expensive, or if it's within my budget, the quality doesn't seem too reliable based on customers' reviews. Lo' and behold, I found Waistdear!

wholesale waist trainer

No matter the season, the time, and the occasion, it pays to be in our most confident selves. Shapewear, bodysuits, and waist shaping undergarments have increased in popularity over the years. With this, brands like Waistdear are stepping up to provide the most comfortable and confidence-boosting shapewear that's won't hurt your wallets.

So, I scoured the internet to find more info about this brand...

What is Waistdear?

Waistdear is a legitimate brand under Hexin, a leading Chinese company. It's a manufacturer and retailer of high-grade shapewear, waist trainers and ready-to-wear clothing.

It's an amazing online store that can get you wholesale waist trainers with logo if you want to start your dropshipping business or shapewear clothing store, or if you merely want to get waist trainers in bulk for personal use.

I have purchased from Waistdear several times both for personal use and for reselling purposes. So far, here are my top favorites:

1. Pick Seamless Full Body Shaper

I love how inclusive their size range is. I have personally tried this and immediately thought about how much other women can benefit from this through my online store.

I have restocked this many times because it`s that easy to sell. I love that every time I order, the buying experience as an online shop owner, is always effortless and exciting especially since I get the items quickly to meet customers` demands for products. I always love receiving my parcels knowing that the product speaks for itself so advertising it isn`t difficult.

It's easy to market because of its classic and minimalist design. It's all-in-one shapewear that's ideal for any weather and any season so you don't have to worry about marketing it throughout the year.

Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper

They also have a wholesale service where you can choose to have your own:

  1. Logo
  2. Hand Label
  3. Washing Label
  4. Branded Packaging

For any inquiries, I just always contact their sales team and they`re happy to help me in anything that I need for my business. As a business owner, I always love how fast they respond to my business` needs.

It's one of the best-selling shapewear, and I highly recommend it as a fantastic product you can personally use, or resell in your start-up dropshipping store because of these reasons:

  • Soft and stretchable fabric
  • Non irritating with its skin-friendly materials
  • Slimming effect through mid-compression
  • Overlap gusset for bathroom breaks.
  • Full body compression for your upper torso and thighs.
  • Body support for a sleeker body line.
  • Seamless stitching
  • Breathable feel to avoid skin irritation

Wear this for:

  • Corporate Attire
  • Spring and Summer with Fit & Flare Dresses
  • Night Outs
  • Wedding
  • Celebrations with your Favorite Dress/Gown

One of the main advantages of using Waistdear's seamless full-body shaper is its versatility. I love that this shapewear has the full package when it comes to fit, design, comfortability, effectivity, and pricing.

2. Choose Tummy Compression Band

Be a go-to seller when it comes to important body-shaping tools and clothing. A tummy compression band is an add-on that women can pair with other shapewear.

It's the perfect add-on that you can recommend to customers before they complete their checkout.

Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power

A tummy compression band is a wrap specifically for your waist or belly to help with burning calories, cinching your waist, and providing an incredible hourglass figure.

Waistdear's Tummy Wrap consists of latex and polyester and was manufactured with the top quality process to ensure effectiveness and comfort. It even passed the 10,000 elastic tests! How awesome is that? Its 6-pieces closure also ensures that your stomach will feel tight and snatched without irritation and possible clothing malfunction.

With this, you can always ensure your customers that they can receive high-quality body-shaping garments on time. As a business owner, you can also always respond to your customers promptly because Waistdear`s sales team has a fast response time that would allow you to get real-time assistance regarding the products.

These are some of the benefits that you can highlight with your customers with this tummy wrap:

Tip #1: Use to Burn More Calories

We can wrap this around before working out so that when we exercise, we have an extra layer of tummy and back support, at the same time a wrap that will encourage further sweating to burn more calories.

It can aid with having an upright posture and allows the tummy to be in a "tucked in" or flattened shape by training it with continuous use.

Tip #2: Enjoy a Fuller and Sexier Figure with a Waist Wrap Under your Clothes

Women can customize waist-cinching and body slimming with this wrap. It's so easy to use as well! Even after using it for 8 hours straight, it won't feel itchy or sticky the skin. Definitely a winning product!

Tip#3: Use as an Extra Stomach Wrap

Customers can use this tummy trap underneath shapewear and waist trainer for the highest level of stomach compression. They just need to ensure that you're still comfortable by adjusting the wrap accordingly.

I wear this on top of my seamless full-body shaper. Though they can also wear it underneath, I just prefer having easy access to it in case I want to make adjustments.

 Wear This For:

  • Regular Clothes
  • Corporate Attire
  • Gym
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Tight-Fitting Dresses

3. Try Neoprene Waist Trainer

Besides the normal shapewear, waist trainers have also risen in popularity among both men and women in their 20`s and 30`s, with the amazing waist-cinching effect that's noticeable even with normal clothes. They're easy to market along with shapewear because of their amazing waist-slimming benefits.

Wholesale Athletic Waist Trainer Black Big Size Neoprene With Sticker Tummy Control

Wear This For:

  • Workout Sessions
  • At Home while doing chores
  • Everyday Clothing

Why Do I Recommend This and What Makes It a Good Product to Sell?

There are three main reasons why this is a fantastic product for start-up businesses. One, it has a versatile design and wide size range making it easier to promote. Second, Waistdear`s customer service is always accessible which would allow you to get help for your customers` inquiries, at the same time products always come early or just in time. There was never a time the delivery was late even with Covid restrictions. Lastly, the product boasts a top-notch quality that is packed with a ton of features that would attract customers.

You can surely share the excitement of an awesome waist trainer product with your customers through proper social media advertising, especially since you won`t be embarrassed to put a price on it based on the many benefits that they can get. With an effective marketing strategy, you are on your way to building a flourishing business.

How to Save Money in Buying Shapewear and Waist Trainers Online

Since shapewear and waist trainers can be undergarments, I recommended that you have quite a few of them for hygiene purposes, at the same time to ensure that you have different designs for different everyday clothing. Get wholesale shapewear so you get more discounts and also save on shipping fee.

How Fast is The Shipping?

Waistdear offers different shipping options with DHL, UPS and FedEx. It was so awesome that my order was confirmed within 24 hours upon placing the order. Depending on your location, shipping time may vary. However, for my orders, I always received them in just a couple of days considering the products came from China! On their website, it says that it`ll take about 7 days but I always receive my orders 3-5 days after placing an order.

I love how even with many restrictions shipping companies have placed, Waistdear is still able to have my orders shipped in a timely manner.

How is Waistdear's Customer Service?

I am a detail-oriented person so I always like to speak to someone who can help me with my purchases. I would say that it'd easy to communicate with their customer service in regards to my clarifications and questions. They have a chat support that you can click at the lower right part of the website.

Waistdear have amazing customer support that will always update you in relation to your order, if they have stocks, or if there will be delays due to Covid-19 restrictions. As for me, I didn't have any problems because I got notifications whenever there's movement with my order and I got a tracking link as well.

They also have a contact form in the "Contact Us" part of their website. They have an email too at sale@waistdear.com. You can check out how you can further connect with them through their contact info on their website. However, I prefer chatting them through Whatsapp because I get prompt response from one of their customer service staff! Talking to them feels so personalized, as if I'm just buying from a physical store where there's real time assistance.

I've transacted with Waistdear many times over the past months, and I can really say that cooperating with them is fast, smooth and personalized!

It's always essentil to have customer service that's friendly and prompt when it comes to order inquiries which is why Waistdear is my top choice when it comes to my bodyshaping needs.

What's the Verdict?

All in all, Waistdear is a competitive and trustworthy brand that offers top-grade body shapers and waist trainers at affordable costs, with excellent customer service, and fast shipping.

I have purchased from them many times, and each time is always an amazing experience! Though not as mainstream as celebrity brands, Waistdear is a hidden treasure among online stores, and sincerely a genuine website where we can get shapewear and waist trainers at wholesale prices.

The three products I mentioned are all worth the bucks! Their shapewear collection is fantastic and worth checking out! It's even surprising that some people don't know this brand yet with the awesome and effective products, inexpensive prices and overall excellent customer experience many of us have had.