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* Every time someone makes a purchase at

Waistdear is on a mission to help all the dropshipper or Start-up businessman or Business oeners find a reliable supplier of shapewear.

Help them get the wholesaler price

Find the top quality products

Get a nice service to answer all the business questions

We wish we can build a Good business ecosystem. You, and I and he(she) in a equal position to buy or sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I expected to do as an ambassador?

    We expect you to spread the word about WaistDear on social media at least once a week. That means reposting our posts, sharing content and tagging us in your favorite shapewear pics!

What do I get for being an ambassador??

    You’ll receive a unique discount code, exclusive links, and a commission on any referred purchases. You’ll also receive new product and brand sneak peeks, shapewear rewards, access to the meaningful campaigns.

Who can become an ambassador??

    Anyone who is active on social media and loves Waistdear can become an ambassador.