What Advice Do You Have for Finding Good-Fitting Shapewears

What Advice Do You Have for Finding Good-Fitting Shapewears?

A beautiful body shape is one that looks feminine and has curves and an hourglass shape. Not many women are born with such body shapes and everyone has different shapes and sizes. Some are curvier and have more narrow hips or broader shoulders. Apart from eating healthily and exercising to achieve the hourglass body, shapewear can help to create to sculpt and create curves. 

Shapewear is an undergarment that helps to create a smooth silhouette underneath your clothes. It offers extra support and compression and is highly popular because of its instant slimming effect. Shapewear is designed to make your clothes fit better no matter if you wear them daily or during special occasions. These amazing undergarments are available in different styles to target different areas. 

At times it is hard to find good shapewear especially if you are new in this shapewear world. Ahead are some tips to help when you are shapewear shopping.  

The Right Size

It is important to get the correct size when buying shapewear. A shapewear that is too big will defeat its purpose. Obviously, buying shapewear that’s too large totally defeats its purpose. Picking shapewear that is a size smaller will not help too. Instead of creating a firmer look, it may result in unsightly lumps and bulges from being too tight. It can be pretty uncomfortable to wear.

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Locate Your Target Area

Analyze your body and find your target areas where you need shaping and smoothening the most. Protruding belly, big thighs or flat derriere are some of the common problems faced by women. Identifying the target area will make it easier to pick the correct type of shapewear.

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Find Your Body Shape

Everyone has different body shapes like an hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle or triangle. Whatever the shape may be, it is very important to know your body shape and pick shapewear that suits and flatters that body type the most. As an example, a woman with approximately same sized bust and hips but a slender waist would have an hourglass body type. Wholesale waist trainers with logo or high-waist panties would be the ideal choice to accentuate the waist. Another good choice is a full body suit that can tone the entire body.

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Why You Need The Shapewear 

Another important thing to consider seriously is why you need the shapewear. When do you plan to wear it? Do you have a special occasion coming up or the shapewear is for daily wear? 

  • Everyday outfits:If you want to wear shapewear with your everyday outfits, then comfort should be the priority. 
  • Special occasions wear: There are different types of shapewear that can give you the look you want depending on the outfit. You can choose full body shaper, corsets, slips or any shapewear that will enhance or hide any problem areas. 
  • Shapewear for working out:There is shapewear designed just for working out that will make you sweat more and look better at the gym too. Such shaping pieces are waist trainers, high-waist sports leggings and waist trainer shorts.
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Level of Control 

There are different levels of compression in every shapewear piece. Light compression shapewear offers minimal control, is comfortable to wear and is ideal for everyday use. Medium compression levels are firmer and may be suitable for casual events or evening occasions. The high compression shapewear offers the strongest control and is best for special occasions or certain outfits.

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