Waistdear - A Reliable Waist Trainer Vendor for Your Wholesale Business

Waistdear - A Reliable Waist Trainer Vendor for Your Wholesale Business

Waist trainers are like corsets and are worn around the abdomen and waist. These garments are usually made with thicker fabric such as neoprene to help cinch the waist and shape the midsection. It also helps the wearer to lose weight in the midsection especially when worn during an exercise.

If you are planning to start a wholesale waist trainer business and would like to know where to customize the waist trainer, well do scroll ahead. This article will let you know the best place to buy wholesale waist trainers with logo for your business and are what the important steps to take.

Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power

A reliable manufacturer or vendor - The first step is to find a manufacturer or vendor that is reliable. Working with a vendor that offers a wide range of high-quality waist trainers, affordably priced and low or no minimum orders is important. You would need a manufacturer that you can count on and one that can support you. Waistdear, a leading online retailer is one such vendor that fulfils the mentioned qualities.

Waistdear has a wide range of high-quality undergarments that can effectively shape and sculpt the midsection, tummy, hips and thighs while supporting women's beautiful curves. This wholesale shapewear and waist trainer company has helped more than 4000 business start-ups and wholesalers in their business. 

Some of the services provided by Waistdear are customizing brand logo, private labelling, OEM and ODM and dropshipping. By private labelling the waist trainers, you can let your brand to be identified easily by your customers and this will also help you stand out from your competitors. Once you have placed your order with Waistdear, you can contact their customer service and send them the design that you want or you can ask them to design it for you. Once everything is confirmed, Waistdear will process the logo printing and you just have to sit back and wait for your customized waist trainers to arrive. Simple and convenient right? Just check various hot sale custom waist trainer that you can find at Waistdear.

Latex Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer

This is a powerful workout waist trainer that features double belt, adjustable zipper and 4 rows of hook and eye closures for maximum compression. This waist trainer can increase the heat and makes the wearer sweat more. It also has 7 steel bones to prevent it from rolling down. It can snatch the waist instantly and what's best about this garment is that it has pockets to keep the phone or keys for convenience. 


 Wholesale Black Plus Size Latex Double Belt Waist Trainer 7 Steel Bones Compression

Firm Control Latex Waist Trainer

This sculpting waist trainer features a W design to offer support on the breast area and also instantly shrink the waist by a few inches. Made with latex core and cotton lining, it has 9 steel bones to offer a snug fit and to prevent rolling down. It comes with a zipper and a row of hooks for maximum effectiveness. 

 Wholesale Black Bust Support Latex Waist Trainer With Belt Firm Control

Latex Vest Shaper With Double Belt

This is the ultimate waist trainer that offers firm compression to keep the tummy smooth and under control. It has a two belts and a zip to keep a tight fit around the waist. The adjustable belts make it easy to adjust for a better fit.

 Wholesale Latex Vest Shaper Double Belts With Zipper High-Compression

Sculpting Latex Waist Trainer With 20 Steel Bones

This waist cincher is not only versatile but comfortable too. Made with high quality
three-layer composite fabric, it offers moderate compression. It has rows of hook-and-eye front closure to make it easy to customize the compression levels. The flexible 20 steel boning helps this waist cincher to stay put and maintain its shape. 

 Wholesale Fabulous Fit 20 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher Hook Waist Trainer Bulk






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