Top 4 Best Valentine`s Gift Ideas of 2022

Top 4 Best Valentine`s Gift Ideas of 2022

Top 4 Best Valentine`s Gift Ideas of 2022

Love is definitely in the air with all the fun hearts, and red and pink decorations. Has it sunked in yet that it`s almost Valentines? It feels as if 2021 was just yesterday! Whether you have started achieving your weight and body goals, looking fabulous and feeling your best matters a lot.

Don`t feel bad when you can`t show off a body transformation with your party dresses yet, you can still slay it with body shapers that will bring out your best form. Besides, it`s only the beginning of the year and you have plenty of time to work for your fitness goals! 

How to Find the Right Shapewear for You and Other Women`S Bodies

No matter the holiday, you can get the special women in your life like your mom, sister, cousin, friend or girlfriend a shapewear that will ensure a confidence-boost! Valentine`s day is an excuse to let every special woman in your life to feel confident whether they`re single, in a relationship or married.

If you`re thinking of gifting a body shaper but quite unsure which one to get, here`s a simple step by step guide on finding the best shapewear gift for you and other women:

1. Determine Which Areas They Want to Improve.

When gifting a body shaper to someone means you already have an established relationship with them to know which areas they want to improve like butt, waist, bust, etc.

You`ve probably heard them say “I need to workout, I feel bloated” in passing. These little clues will help you determine what kind of shapewear they would most likely want the most.

2. Determine the Correct Size

Like with any other clothing, determining the correct size of body shaper will allow for a better fit. If you`re unsure, you can try estimate their size compared to yours, or you can simply ask!

If they`re around the same size as your body, you can simply make-up an excuse or hint them what you want to give for Valentines`s. It`s always better to ask than get the wrong size.

3. If In Doubt, Choose An All-In-One Shapewear

If you`re unsure what to get, you can always get a versatile body shaper that a woman can wear with almost any clothing. This way, whomever you gift a shapewear to can make the most out of the shaping undergarment.

Why Should You Give Shapewear?

Some may find it random to give or receive shapewear. However, not many people realize the long-term effects of being confident in your body. If your friend is single or if she`s going on a date with a special someone, now is the time to give them something that will make them feel comfortable in their bodies.

 1) Shapewear can boost someone`s self-esteem. A high self-esteem means being confident in your own skin without worrying about love handles or bra fat. If you can present yourself to people with your chin up, you`re on your way to success!

2) Body shapers are high quality undergarments. The majority of women wear camisoles, stockings, and other undergarments so it make sense to give shapewear that they will get a lot of use for.

3) Shapewear will open women`s eyes to how easy it is to dress up with any clothing, without humps and bulges. It`s truly empowering for them to know that they can express themselves through fashion without body image hindrances.

Best Body Shapers to Gift

Time`s also running out to get the most amazing Valentine`s gift for your girl best friends. The best gift you can give to your friends and family are the ones that will benefit them long-term.

If you haven`t picked out an ideal gift, this is your chance to do a last-minute shopping with these effective and body positive undergarment that all women will appreciate:

Wholesale Shapewear Tummy Control Removable Straps Slimming Waist

1. Shapewear for Full Body (Starts at $11.47!)

A full body shaper is all you need in wearing even the tightest dresses. Available in plus-sizes from 3XL to 5XL and beige, dark purple, coffee and black colors that are all versatile colors for different colors of clothing.

One customer says, “It's much better than it looks, fits very well and picks up great, has a soft yet strong fabric at the same time. Delivered very quickly.”

With 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex, this is a breathable and comfortable shaper that you or your besties can wear no matter the season. 

It can also be your everyday shaper that will help you achieve a sleek body line, flatter stomach with its mid-level compression, and over all a smooth form that will highlight the best of your curves.  

2. Shapewear for Tummy Control (Starts at $10.00!)

Tummy control is one of the highly-sought after features when it comes to shapewear. An hourglass body is often desirable, and it`s not so difficult to achieve with an abdominal binder that wraps around the stomach area.

It has three rows of hooks so you can adjust the tightness around your stomach. If you want to wear it as a corset, you can tighten the waist area to have that cinched waist.

Wholesale Three Pieces of Segmented Abdominal Binder Latex Tummy Wrap

3. Shapewear for Your Butt and Legs (Starts at $8.99!)

When you want to have a shapely derrière, slimming leggings are popular to ensure smooth silhouette. Waistdear is one of the best waist trainer manufacturers that specializes in bring out a well-shaped body.  

Achieve seemingly toned legs and lifted butt with its professional grade special fabric that doesn`t deform or roll when being worn.

You or your best friends can wear this as yoga pants, or you can wear it as is with a thick sweater. The latest technology of the fabric that was used has silver ion nano-coating lining can keep you warm because of its thick but moisture-wicking fabric; very timely for winter!

4. Shapewear for Tummy Control (Starts at $10.92!)

If you`re looking for that all-in-one shapewear, you`re looking at Waistdear`s Waist-slimming Lace Body Shaper that will empower you and your friends to dress to the nines.

Available in brown, nude and black, this body shaper will give your bust a lifted definition without making it obvious. The lace hemline also adds a hint of sexy but innocent touch.

Women often want to buy shapewear but are held back by the idea that it`s too expensive or it might not fit. You can buy wholesale shapewear so you get more discounts and save up on shipping fees.  There are also sizing guides so that you won`t be confused.

Wholesale Queen Size High Waist Slimming Shorts Lace Hemline Hooks Lose Weight

Thankfully, Waistdear`s website is beginner-friendly so you can start enjoying the body-shaping benefits of shapewear.

It is said that if you don`t start something, you won`t know the joy of achieving it. Same thing with shapewear, you won`t know the amazing happiness of wearing anything you want without trying it.

Body shapers will give you the feeling of satisfaction and positivity you`ve been needing to feel that your body is enough no matter what commercial beauty and body standards are.

Gifting women body shapers is one way to say “You`re beautiful no matter what you wear.” Indeed, body shapers can help bring the best out of every woman by helping them to be more confident to wear any dress they like.

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