The Latest Trends in Waist Trainer Styles and Designs

The Latest Trends in Waist Trainer Styles and Designs

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It is normal to overeat during the holiday season. Many of us would want to find out how to get back in shape with the bikini season on the horizon. Everyone will be focused on getting their bodies in shape to rock the latest swimsuit trends or crop tops and shorts. For many women, getting rid of those stubborn lumps on the midsection, arms, hips and thighs is not easy eventhough through exercise and dieting. Following a workout routine is beneficial but there is no harm in looking for extra help with such as a waist trainer.

A waist trainer is a modern day corset that is designed to specifically target the stubborn belly or midsection fat. There are many different types of waist trainers available from waist trainer vendors that can help to supplement your fitness goals. Usually made from neoprene or or latex, it is worn around the midsection and the he material used on the waist trainer can stimulate thermal activity to make you perspire more with less effort.

By combining cardio and strength training with a waist trainer will help you to get most out of wearing the waist trainer during exercise. Wearing a waist trainer will also make you eat fewer and smaller meals due to the waist trainer’s high compression.

Latest Waist Trainer Trends In 2023

If you want to give waist trainer a try, ahead are some of the trending waist trainers from Waistdear, a leading online retail store and manufacturer that specializes in the best affordable shapewear and waist trainers. Waistdear also offer waist trainer drop shipping for those who want to start a business selling waist trainers and shapewear.

Tummy Shaper Waist Trainer

This latex tummy shaper waist trainer is specifically designed with a longer front to offer more coverage to conceal abdominal flab and shorter back to prevent pressing against the hip. It sculpts your figure instantly, slims the midsection dramatically and enhances the natural curves. Featuring three rows of eye and hook closures for easy adjustment, it offers a firm and effective shaping effect. The eleven steel bones prevent it from rolling.

Wholesale Rubber Waist Trainer Control Tummy Shape Waist

20 Steel Bones Latex Waist Trainer

Wholesale latex waist trainers like this one below is not only versatile but very comfortable too. Made with high quality three-layer composite latex fabric, it offers moderate compression. The hook-and-eye front closure allows you to customize the compression levels to optimize your shape. It has 20 flexible steel boning that helps this waist trainer belt to stay and maintain its shape. Apart from shaping your curves, it also offers back support to help you stay comfortable.

Fabulous Fit 20 Steel Bones Latex Waist Cincher Hook Waist Trainer

Neoprene Waist Cincher

Get your hourglass curves even faster with this high-compression waist trainer belt. Made with neoprene and nylon material, it ramps up thermal activity and causes you to sweat more around the midsection, sides and back. You will be able to get more out of your workout with less effort. It has a front zipper closure and adjustable 3-layer strap that work together to maintain the hourglass shape and offer a strong secure fit. 

Wholesale Curve Creator Rose Red Zipper Neoprene Waist Cincher

Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest

This waist trainer vest is ideal for daily wear. It features an open bust design so you can wear your own bra. Made from 100% neoprene, this innovative waist trainer has front and side boning to keep it in place. The outer layer is made from sweat-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable all day. The three rear steel boning offers strong support for the back and help to reduce back pain and also improve posture.

Wholesale Neoprene Waist Trainer Vest With Front Zipper Wholesale Online


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