The Evolution of Shapewear: From Inner to Outerwear Shapewear

The Evolution of Shapewear: From Inner to Outerwear Shapewear

In the past decades, we have been able to see the evolution of shapewear. Especially in the last decades, these pieces were only worn but a few skinnier women needed them to look amazing in their gowns for special events as it is now.

Now, brands offer inclusive sizes allowing every single woman with their unique and different body types to be able to enjoy the benefits of wearing new arrival shapewear from their favorite brands.

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The world and especially the fashion industry is evolving. And now we get to see how brands that used to follow unhealthy fashion standards and show the skinniest of bodies are now showing different and usually bigger body types in their advertisements, online stores, social media, and even catwalks.

How has the industry changed?

Shapewear used to be only worn under your clothes, to just get an amazing hourglass figure and seamless appearance when wearing gowns or some outfits. Basically, what we can call inner shapewear. But now, there’s a new trend in town and we get to experience wholesale shapewear outerwear. This trend allows people to wear shapewear that was designed as daily normal clothes or clothes that include shapewear in their designs.

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 You can enjoy the benefits of shapewear by wearing items like bodysuits, leggings, tops, and dresses. This clothing not only allows you to dress to impress with ease, but it is also suitable for women of any body type worldwide.

The industry has really changed a lot in the past decade and it’s really important to highlight the fact that now shapewear comes with many different technologies, like breathability or being able to wick away the moisture and sweat.

What makes shapewear outerwear such an important trend?

In our opinion, is the fact that will allow you to get an amazing hourglass figure without having to layer many pieces over your shapewear. For example, sometimes, unbuttoning the crotch area to go to the bathroom from a bodysuit can be very easy, but when it comes to buttoning it again, that can be problematic, especially if you wore one to go out, and the bathroom is a very tiny space.

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While, yes there are other shapewear types that offer easier openings for that specific area, there are some that don’t and it sometimes can be such a struggle, we know it, we have been there. But with shapewear outwear pieces like dresses tops, or even leggings, it gets easier and you also won’t have to remove many other layers of clothing.

Where can you get great shapewear in general?

We highly recommend you do a thorough search and investigation and look for the best shapewear and waist trainer vendors. One of our favorite ones is Waistdear. They have over 10 years of experience in the shapewear market and focus on manufacturing and selling the best, stylish, and eco-friendly wholesale shapewear pieces, that also have the highest of qualities.


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They offer a wide range of products that we are sure you will love, and the right piece for your needs, styles, outfits, and personal preferences will be there waiting for you. You just simply need to look around, know what outfits you want to wear them with, and also know what areas you want to target and measure you and follow the size chart.

And if you are getting shapewear outerwear, you once again need to know your measurements to find the right size, and also, what pieces of clothing you will mix and match your shapewear outwear with, and sometimes the areas you can target, so you choose the right one for sure.

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