Shapewear Wholesaler Leverages Exhibition to Conquer International Markets

Shapewear Wholesaler Leverages Exhibition to Conquer International Markets

Dominating the shapewear market requires more than just high-quality products. Brand recognition and strategic expansion are key factors for success. Understanding this, Waistdear, a leading shapewear wholesaler, recently participated in an international exhibition.


The demand for shapewear products is at an all-time high. This is thanks to increasing awareness among people about fashion and body image perception. These trends are clearly supported by statistics. The global shapewear market is predicted to be worth $6.92 billion by 2028.

Urbanization has helped propel the popularity of shapewear. This has opened up many opportunities for wholesale shapewear sellers trying to enter the global shapewear market.

In this article, we share Waistdear’s journey on the global stage and marketing strategies that helped us outshine our international competitors.

About Waistdear

Founded in 2011, Waistdear is a wholesale shapewear brand that operates in 150 countries and territories around the globe. Our company delivers a continuous supply of shapewear across more than 20 production lines.

Waistdear’s primary focus is shapewear and wholesale waist trainers but we’ve also ventured into activewear products. With our own research and development team, we’ve been able to constantly release popular designs.

As one of the few innovative shapewear companies in the market, we’re always looking to showcase our products on key platforms while fulfilling the needs of potential international clients.

Our recent trade show exhibition at the Canton Fair Complex from May 1 to 5 was a successful venture for our team and a great example of the infinite expansion opportunities such events offer.

Exhibitions - A Powerful Global Market Expansion Strategy

Since Waistdear has always focused on catering to global markets, international expansion has been part of our marketing strategy for a long time. Hence, we are particularly focused on joining international exhibitions and trade shows in recent year.

Expanding into the global market means growing your business to meet the needs of international clients. Aside from growing your access to a larger consumer base, it also helps offset losses from fluctuations in specific markets.

Here are some benefits we enjoyed from our recent exhibition in China’s Guangdong Province:

Brand Visibility

Businesses that want to be more visible and get their products noticed should participate in exhibitions and trade shows. Events like these offer opportunities to highlight your products while allowing potential customers to interact with them.

Trade shows allow you to set up a booth with your merchandise and branding so potential clients can notice you and examine what you offer. They can ask questions about your business, capabilities, and resources, possibly leading to profitable partnerships.

This type of interaction helps build consumers’ trust in your brand and product. For brands with several product lines, trade shows can be a brilliant marketing strategy for creating buzz around their merchandise.

Create Valuable Business Relationships

Successful businesses need the support of other businesses. Trade shows allow you to meet potential clients and partners who can help your organization grow. These events feature an assortment of global brands and enable entrepreneurs to meet different industry experts, decision-makers, and other important stakeholders. Oftentimes, they can help organizations find unexpected collaborative opportunities.

Waistdear has successfully cultivated business partnerships at trade events. We’ve also been able to explore distribution channels in new and emerging markets because of these events.

During the trade show in Guangdong, we were able to close deals in countries like the United States, Russia, Nigeria, and more.

Lead Generation

Trade shows are an opportunity to generate leads through interactive displays, workshops, seminars, giveaways, live presentations, contests, and more. You can also discreetly request visitors to leave their contact details.

These shows often attract attendees who are genuinely interested in your products, so it’s a great way to gain quality leads.

Of course, you’ll need a well-defined plan to nurture these leads and turn them into loyal customers.

Market Research

Participating in trade shows is also useful for conducting market research. You can learn which trends are gaining traction, areas that will experience significant developments in the next few years, what customers want, etc. Interacting with attendees can teach you about emerging technologies, your competitors’ marketing strategies, etc.

Expanding into the global market means growing your business to meet the needs of international clients. Aside from growing your access to a larger consumer base, it also helps offset losses from fluctuations in specific markets.

Waistdear’s Successful Exhibition Results

Our recent trade show event proves the effectiveness of this global expansion strategy.

Through the 5-day event, we successfully capitalized on our interactions with international clients and generated the following accounts in global markets:

  • America-based client with transactions valued at $100,000
  • Russia-based client with transactions valued at $76,000
  • Nigeria-based client with transactions valued at $57,000
  • South Africa-based client with transactions valued at $32,000
  • Mongolia-based client with transactions valued at $18,000

Did you notice the diversity of our clients?

What’s even more remarkable about these deals is they allow us to fully develop and promote our different product lines. Since every market has unique consumer preferences, we can easily find clients for our diverse range of products.

To give you an example, here are some of the top products that international clients showed interest in:

Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper

Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper

For a smooth silhouette that lifts the bust and makes the stomach and waist look smaller, the Seamless Sculpt Plus Size Full Body Shaper is the answer. Made of 77% nylon and 23% spandex, this shapewear covers the torso and thighs. The fabric wicks away moisture while offering support to problematic areas.

Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band

Wholesale Black Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band Higher Power

The Latex Tummy Wrap Compression Band provides concentrated support to the waist while helping the wearer burn calories. Suitable for all figures, the product has adjustable fasteners and a sturdy fabric that won’t get deformed or lose its elasticity.

Shapewear-Incorporated Deep Cup Bra with Full-back Coverage

Wholesale Fashion Deep Cup Bra Hides Back Fat Diva New Look with Shapewear Incorporated

Our Fashion Deep Cup Bra hides and smoothens backfat for a more flattering silhouette. It provides push-up support to the breasts while correcting wearers’ postures and shaping their bodies. It can be worn as a bra and the shoulder straps can be removed.

Eco-friendly Shaper Large U-back Seamless Dress

Wholesale Seamless Eco-friendly Shaper Large U-back Dress

The Eco-friendly Shaper Large U-back Snatched Seamless Dress offers light whole-body support. Made with 55% recycled nylon, 36% nylon, and 9% spandex, it can be worn on its own or as an inner layer. The compression fabric is tighter in the middle, creating a more defined waistline.

3-Bone Triple-Breasted High-Waisted Elastic Body Butt Lifter

Wholesale 3-bones Triple-breasted High-waisted Elastic Body Pants

This shapewear begins under the bust and ends below the hips, making it wearable under various types of clothes. To prevent the waist from curling up, it has three rubber bones sewn in. It lifts and shapes the hips while making the waist look smaller.

Partner With Waistdear

Planning to go global with your shapewear brand? Partner with us!

Waistdear’s 12 years of experience can help you navigate your global expansion into shapewear products. We have a client base that relies heavily on our timely and reliable services so we know the needs of international clients better than anyone.

If you missed us at our recent trade show, don’t worry. Check out our wholesale program and get in touch with our specialists for more information.

We support packaging, brand logo customizations, private labels, OEM and ODM services.


Although the shapewear market is growing rapidly, startups may find it difficult to identify the breadth of opportunities available to them. Having a global partner that understands the international shapewear market can help you tremendously.

If you’re looking to expand your product line and are looking for a reliable shapewear supplier, Waistdear can help. If you'd like to learn more about the results of our previous exhibitions, check it out.

We hope this guide has convinced you about the benefits of a well-executed global market expansion strategy. Grow with us. Send us a message to get started.




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