Shapewear for Spring Weddings: A Guide for Wholesalers

Shapewear for Spring Weddings: A Guide for Wholesalers

Spring is a season of renewal, and what better way to celebrate than with a wedding? As a wholesaler, you know that this festive time brings a surge in demand for wedding attire. But what about the undergarments that will help your customers feel confident and beautiful on their special day? Shapewear is a vital category to consider when stocking your shelves for spring weddings.
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Brides-to-be are a significant market for the shapewear industry. As of 2022, 1.98 million people got married which means there were close to two million brides. Most of them tie the knot from spring to the early fall season. This profitable demographic is comprised of women who want to look good in their wedding dresses so they often turn to shapewear products to instantly achieve smoother and slimmer silhouettes.

Shapewear wholesalers can take advantage of this knowledge by targeting the bridal market. Join us as we review some of the most popular trends, products, and marketing strategies you can use as a wholesale provider of shapewear.

Popular Trends

Before you start selling bridal shapewear, you want to get a feel for the market and popular trends. Knowing what’s in demand will help you cater to the needs of today’s brides better. Here are bridal shapewear three trends that have emerged.

Wholesale Back U Design Comfy Compression Shapewear with 5 Steel Bones

Lightweight and Breathable

There’s an increase in demand for lightweight and breathable shapewear because it gives brides the freedom to move around freely. Hence, you want to offer shapewear fabrics that tick these boxes.


Brides these days are prioritizing comfort just as much as aesthetics. Apart from lightweight and breathable fabrics, they’re also looking for shapewear that provides the right level of support and stretch. They don’t want shapewear that restricts movement or cuts off circulation.

Make sure to include comfort-enhancing features such as seamless construction, adjustable straps, and moisture-wicking properties.

Wholesale Sexy Lace Breast Support Adjustable Shaper for Bridal Bodysuit

Natural Shaping

Brides aren’t using shapewear to change their body shapes but to give their existing frames a lift. They’re also not trying to conform to society’s beauty standards so they aren’t keen on using shapewear with boning.

The few brides who are looking for boning in their shapewear want it because it improves their postures and keeps them from slouching.

Wholesale One-piece Front Low-cut Beauty Back Wedding Thong Bodysuit


Their biggest demands from their shapewear are clean lines and smooth silhouettes that elevate their curves. Products that cinch and smooth unwanted lumps and bumps are also popular. Additionally, they prefer shapewear that offers light compression to ensure that they’re easy to get in and out of.

While gowns are still the most popular clothing option among brides, there are more women experimenting with pants so make sure your shapewear selection accommodates these needs.

Product Selection

When choosing which wholesale shapewear to offer, consider three things: the bride’s body type, her needs, and the wedding dress style. Though there are many types of shapewear, the bride’s final choice is typically based on these three criteria.


Shapewear bodysuits are becoming the top choice of shapewear for bridal gowns because of the full coverage they offer. They support and shape the midsection, breasts, and thighs. They also come in a variety of compression levels, allowing brides to find unique fits that flatter their bodies without being too tight.

For sexy or tight-fitting bridal gowns, the seamless sculpt is a popular choice. It can also be used underneath clingy fabrics.

Meanwhile, strapless bodysuits are ideal for strapless gowns. Low-back bodysuits, such as the Plunge Low-Back Bridal Bodysuit, work best with backless gowns. It comes with a detachable thong for convenience as well as adjustable and removable shoulder straps.

Wholesale Plunge Low-Back Thong Shapewear Bridal Bodysuit


For brides wearing dresses with plunging necklines, the Deep V-Neck Bodysuit is a must-have. It comes with a built-in mesh hourglass shaping lining and tummy-smoothing features. Plus, the bottom offers a panty-style cut and a ruched design that fits all butt sizes.

Wholesale Sexy Deep V-Neck Mesh Sheer Bodysuit

Shapewear Shorts

Shapewear shorts are for those who want to focus on shaping their waist, hips, or thighs. However, they’re also commonly used to cinch the waistline when worn under a dress that’s more fitted around the waist and hips.  It is light, skin-friendly, and provides targeted compression. Shapewear shorts also come with butt lifters, such as the Butt Lifter Tummy Control Shorts, to help enhance one’s natural shape. It has a hook and eye closure with a thickened square buckle to give the wearer customized fit and compression.

Wholesale Butt Lifter Tummy Control Middle Waisted Mid Thigh Shaper Shorts

Shapewear Bras

Visible bra lines are a big no-no for the big day. So, shapewear bras with removable straps like the breathablebra are a top choice. It comes with a drop glue and side boning that keeps the bra from rolling or slipping.

For those who want to smoothen their back and armpit bulges, the deep cup  bra is the perfect shapewear. It provides full back coverage to give the wearer a better posture. The underwire compression cup helps give the breasts a natural yet comfy lift.

Wholesale Fashion Deep Cup Bra Hides Back Fat Diva New Look with Shapewear Incorporated

Marketing Strategies

After amassing a good selection of key shapewear products, consider how you want to reach, communicate, and sell to your target audience.

Emphasize Features

Emphasizing product features is a brilliant strategy to increase your product’s value and make it more appealing to your market. Offer an overview of your products’ top features and mention the results that can be achieved by using them.

Provide Professional Advice

Brides often lack knowledge about bridal shapewear. This gives you an opportunity to offer sound advice that often ends in a sale. Show women the variety of shapewear available and their unique features. Give them a few options based on their needs and preferences.

Run Themed Promotional Activities

Themed promotional activities are a great way to market your products. You can offer special offers for weddings and/or embrace diversity and body positivity in your campaigns. There are countless possibilities. Look at what your competitors are doing for additional inspiration.

Other popular promotional activities include pre-sales, pre-orders, referral programs, email marketing campaigns, etc.


Thanks to the fine weather and the availability of venues, many brides prefer to have spring weddings. This is a lucrative opportunity for shapewear wholesalers like you so be ready with a selection of shapewear items and marketing strategies. With a little effort and patience, you can meet the needs of brides and win a larger market share.

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