How to Get an Hourglass Figure Using Shapewear Only!

How to Get an Hourglass Figure Using Shapewear Only!

How to Get an Hourglass Figure Using Shapewear Only! 

In search of the slim waist, the modeling straps has gained great prominence among many women, especially the famous ones who have been betting on a new trend. These straps are ideal for those who want to hide an extra fat and create a slim silhouette in a fairer dress, for example. How about investing in this supertrend and making your collection bomb? We'll explain to you why we take risks in the new fashion.


Understand how the strap acts

The models produced for aesthetic purposes, derived from the old corsets, were recently reformulated by waist trainer manufacturers to give more comfort and have already conquered many women. In the past, they suffered from the corset under neath voluminous dresses and now, with the new modeling, she is part of the wardrobe of women who like to make the body more elegant, especially on special occasions or in tight clothes. The function of the strap is to shape the body and not tighten, so the use of the proper elastic is very important.

Great ally on special occasions

Many famous also seek the guitar body and adhering to the straps in various events, such as the red carpet.

Other celebrities, such as socialite Kim Kardashian, are not afraid to take risks and are sticking to the strap over their clothes. Even the colorful models broke into her wardrobe, showing off all her personality.

Always value convenience, so there are no unforeseen circumstances. The straps that are produced with polyamide wire, for example, provide greater thermal comfort – ideal for warmer days.


It is very common to find on social networks people who use modeling straps. And the accompanying information can cause certain doubts in those who are interested in them. Among the main doubts that arise, is the correct form of use and the real benefits that the use offers the body.

We will highlight some myths and truths about the use of modeling straps. In addition to highlighting its main benefits.

Myths and Truths

After all, does the strap really work?

TRUTH – The accessory aims to change the shape of the silhouette, make the posture more erect and decrease the waist circumference. It provides a more beautiful and elegant posture. Precisely for this, it is sought by people who want a more delineated body.

The strap loses weight?

MYTH – Prolonged use of the strap, reshape the waist, yet does not make weight loss. It helps reduce measures of the area used. To lose weight, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet, physical exercises and the use of the modeling strap. In this way, she will be another ally.

Continuous use keeps the body better distributed?

TRUTH – In the long run, the daily use of the brace, for the time recommended by specialists, can permanently model the body and reduce measurements.

Sleeping with the strap models the waist faster?

MITO - In addition to not bringing benefits, it is not recommended to use the strap while sleeping. Avoid as much as possible, as it can hinder diaphragm movement, as well as causing constipation and poor digestion.

Can brace cause health problems?

TRUTH – Wearing extremely tight straps with constancy and for a long period of time can lead to breathing or circulation problems. Especially in people predisposed to any of these conditions.

Can I wear braces for exercise?

MYTH - It is not recommended to exercise with the strap. It can hinder the muscle in your movement in performing the exercise. The contraction of the abdominal muscle is very important for the spine, especially in activities with weight overload, such as squatting.

Therefore, use can even be harmful depending on the type of training. Does strap help shape the waist?

TRUTH – Due to continuous use, when compressing the abdomen it models the waist and distributes fat better. This makes the waist thinner and scarred.

Brace models and lifts breasts?

MITO – At the time of using the strap, the breast is automatically lifted, however only at the time of use. After withdrawal of support, the breasts return to the natural position.

Strap causes sagging?

TRUTH – If the use is done incorrectly and for a very long period, it can cause sagging. This is because it can weaken the abdominal muscles, as they remain very long relaxed.

The tighter the better?

MYTH - Many believe that using the strap as tight as possible, the modeling effect will be felt faster and better. However, this is not real, as the high compression fabric is prepared to model the first layers. Using this way, a difficulty of venous return may occur, which allows the chance of varicose veins.


 The strap helps correct diasstasis

TRUTH – Diastasis is the removal of abdominal muscles and connective tissues during pregnancy. The strap is indicated after delivery, so that this removal is corrected.

Does the strap damage the spine?

MYTH – On the contrary, it helps to correct posture. In this way, it can contribute to pain stemming from a wrong posture being diminished or even cured.

Once you know some of the myths and truth about modeling straps, you can already choose your best affordable shapewear!


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