How to Choose the Best Post-Operative Shapewear for Recovery?

How to Choose the Best Post-Operative Shapewear for Recovery?

Shapewear is often used by women who want smoother, slimmer, and more flattering silhouettes. But it’s also necessary for post-operative recovery. Following a number of medical procedures such as Caesarean sections, tummy tucks, and body lift surgeries, shapewear can help the body regain its former shape while speeding up healing.

If you’re confused about which shapewear is best for your post-operative recovery, consider Waistdear’s collection of wholesale fajas, the ultimate post-surgery solution shapewear. In this article, we offer information on which Waistdear products you can wear for different after-surgery needs.

Benefits of Wearing Shapewear Post Surgery

 Reduce Swelling

Since shapewear or post-op compression garments are tight-fitting, they can help reduce swelling at the site of the surgery. Because these garments are elastic, they provide the right amount of support and compression.

Shapewear also prevents the surgical site from moving every time you stand or lie down, preventing it from stretching out.

Reduces the Risk of Infections

Like a Band-Aid, shapewear shields the skin from harmful elements like germs, dirt, and grime. This works as a barrier and protects the wound while you heal.

Prevents Scarring

More often than not, the site of surgery can form a keloid scar. This occurs when excess scar tissues grow over a healed wound. Compression therapy can help prevent scarring as it softens and hinders scar formations.

Eases Pain and Discomfort

Support from shapewear can relieve pain and discomfort. This is because compression increases circulation, improves blood flow, and promotes healing. However, excess pressure can do more harm than good, so choose wholesale shapewear with the right level of compression.

Improves Posture and Mobility

Shapewear compresses your body and provides support for your abdomen and back. As a result, it will prevent you from slouching. The support provided will also help you move around better, encouraging mobility post-surgery.

That said, wear the garment only after it’s been prescribed by your doctor. A medical practitioner will also determine how long you should wear one based on your needs and medical history. Wearing shapewear for more than the recommended time is not encouraged.

What Is the Best Post-Operative Shapewear for Recovery for You?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to post-operative care. Some may need high-compression shapewear while others may require low to medium compression. It all boils down to the type of surgery or trauma that your body experienced. Today, there are many types of shapewear that cater to different needs, preferences, and styles like belly belts or belly bands and abdominal binders. 

Here are some post-op shapewear products from Waistdear:

Everyday Fajas for Superior Abdomen Support

These Everyday Fajas provide light compression and support for tummy control. They are crafted with high-quality materials to ensure optimal support.

Consider Full-body Shaping Fajas if you’re looking for better abdomen compression. Its adjustable hooks and three thick layers offer superior compression. Additionally, it features a crotch opening that makes going to the bathroom more convenient.

Wholesale Pretty Detachable Straps Side Zip Faja Body Shaper

Another options is the Everyday Shaping Full Body Shaper Fajas Big Size Lace Trim with detachable straps. This product features a side zipper that makes wearing and removing it a breeze. The hip-lifting design enhances your natural body shape, while the three-layer design compresses the abdomen. This shapewear also features a crotch zip.

Wholesale Everyday Shaping Full Body Shaper Fajas Big Size Lace Trim

Stage1 Fajas for Post-Op Support

Stage 1 Fajas are medium compression shapewear that can be worn right after plastic surgery for at least six weeks. They are ideal for those who need supportive yet not-too-constricting shapewear. Stage 1 Fajas have thicker material. We recommend that they be used with removable lipo foams and abdominal compression boards.

Wholesale Shapewear Post-surgical Tummy Control Body Shaper Butt Lifter Bodysuit

Meanwhile, the Full Body Shaper Tummy Control Faja features a U-shaped neck design for chest and armpit support. This, too, features a zip at the crotch, making the design ideal for everyday wear. On the other hand, the Tummy Control Body Shaper Butt Lifter Bodysuit offers a 3-layer hook for complete compression and hook closures at the shoulder for a great fit.

Wholesale Shapewear Post-surgical Tummy Control Fajas Full Body Shaper

Stage 2 Fajas for a Full Recovery

These Colombian Fajas have latex in front and see-through fabric on the buttocks to make them more comfortable. These employ softer fabric and are shorter on the legs. Fajas Post Op - Stage 2 can be worn six weeks after surgery to help shape and contour the body.

Get your hands on multiple styles, colors, and features so you don’t feel restricted while recovering. Options like the Chest Wrap Tummy Control Full Body Shapewear provide a full coverage bra with high elasticity so it fits all body types. Unlike the other designs, it has an overlapped crotch instead of a zip and a butt-lifting design with extra mesh.

Wholesale Post-op Chest Wrap Tummy Control Full Body Shapewear

You can also consider the 3-bones Triple-breasted High-waisted Elastic Body Butt Lifter. It has a skin-friendly elastic that is comfortable, strong, and durable. Instead of compressing the hips, the wrinkled design enhances them by providing structure and giving them a lift for a perfect hourglass appearance. The crotch zip closure makes daily wear more convenient.

Wholesale 3-bones Triple-breasted High-waisted Elastic Body Butt Lifter

Tips for Wearing Post-Operative Shapewear

Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefits from your post-operative shapewear:

  • From two to four weeks after surgery, wear your shapewar 24/7. This ensures round-the-clock support and faster recovery.
  • In the next two to four weeks, you can start wearing your shapewear during the day or even for half of it. This depends on how your body is recovering.
  • Select the right size based on your measurements. Shapewear with adjustable closures offer maximum versatility.

Who Should Consider Waistdear Shapewear?

Shapewear is more than just about looking a certain way. It’s a great way to regain confidence. Waistdear recommends its shapewear to those who:

  • Are seeking post-op care
  • Are postpartum
  • Are seeking weight loss support
  • Want skin tightening effects
  • Are looking to shape their silhouette for a more seamless look
  • Want to enhance their looks for work or events

Why Choose Waistdear Shapewear? 

Waistdear, a leading shapewear manufacturer since 2011, has 10 years of experience in the shapewear industry. We sell our products to over 150 countries globally, making us one of the most trusted suppliers and retailers of shapewear.

Besides Fajas, Waistdear has a wide range of other products like corsets and wrap bands and waist trainers. So, whether you’re looking for post-op care options, everyday shapewear, or activewear, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, the materials and innovation we use are unmatched. We skillfully craft shapewear with materials like latex and neoprene to ensure that every product is durable and functional. Our brand offers sizes ranging from XXS to 6XL. This ensures size inclusivity so you’ll always find a product that fits your needs and body. 


Post-operative shapewear is an excellent way to promote recovery among postpartum women and those who have had surgeries like tummy tucks and body lifts. It reduces swelling, the risk of infections, scarring, and discomfort. Moreover, the additional support helps improve posture while promoting mobility.

The best post-operative shapewear varies from person to person and the surgery they had. Since not everyone recovers in the same way, speak to your healthcare practitioner to learn what type of shapewear is best for you.




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