4  Shapewear Outerwear to Keep You Warm This Winter

4 Shapewear Outerwear to Keep You Warm This Winter

For those who can’t wait for winter to start to keep themselves as warm as possible but still want to have an amazing figure, there’s something they need to try, and that is shapewear outerwear. For those new to it and in general to shapewear, they are shapewear pieces that look like your daily clothing.

If there’s a place where you can get the best wholesale shapewear outerwear, that’s Waistdear. A wholesaler brand with over 10 years of experience in the shapewear business. This experience has led them to become the leading manufacturer and factory.

Their over 500 workers around the world, work very hard to make sure their products have the highest quality and are comfortable, versatile stylish and also eco-friendly, and sustainable. But also that all the services that they offer keep their high-quality standards too.

The shapewear outerwear category includes pieces like built-in shaper dress, bodysuits, pants, tops, etc. Some of them will be the perfect additions to your closet to keep you warm this winter, while others, you’ll just need to layer them to keep you warm.  

Wholesale 🌿 Eco-friendly Seamless Square Neck Long Sleeve Shaper Dress

These pieces are definitively a new hit amongst influencers and celebrities who have made this a new trend and are creating amazing outfits that many people are now copying and recreating. Shapewear outerwear is here to stay and we want to share with you 4 of our favorite pieces that will keep you warm during the new winter season.

4 pieces to keep you warm

The first piece is the seamless eco-friendly square neck long sleeve 360° waist control thong bodysuit. This piece has been made with recycled, reused, and sustainable nylon. Its waist panel has a tight weaving fabric that will increase the wrapping while providing comfortable compression. You can wear it all day as it is very comfortable and it’s versatile and stylish.

Your neck will look visually elongated thanks to its retro square neck design. It also provides a 360° waist control thanks to its elastic compression fabric. The thong back design won’t show any visible panty lines, especially when wearing thigh clothes and it also has a double-row snap closure on the crotch that you can adjust according to your needs.

Wholesale 🌿Seamless Eco-friendly Square Neck Long Sleeve 360° Waist Control Thong Bodysuit

The next piece is the deep V-neck high stretchy seamless tummy control jumpsuit. This piece made with 8% spandex and 92% nylon has a seamless flow, and high elasticity and allows comfortable and free stretching. The chest area has a double-layer fabric and it prevents it from being see-through. It has removable cups and a deep V-neck design.

It has a ribbed texture and can be worn all day long while it enhances the curves of your body. As it is a two-piece set, it will perfectly go with cardigans. Can be worn casually at home, during vacation, at the office, and on many other different occasions.


Wholesale Deep V-neck High Stretchy Seamless Tummy Control Jumpsuit

The next one is the black high waist solid color pants shaper flatten tummy. This piece has been made with 25% spandex and 75% nylon. It is a stretchy fabric that will give you a firm fit. 2-in-1 high-waisted leggings that have a wider elastic waistband to prevent slipping. The legs and tummy areas have two-layer stretchy fabric for extra compression.

Also, the butt area has a stretchy single-layer fabric that will prevent it from flattening your natural butt curves. It has an ankle-length design that is perfect for fitness, attending the gym, working out, running and jogging, casual wear, and more.

Wholesale Black High Waist Solid Color Pants Shaper Flatten Tummy

And last but not least, we have the seamless outer long-sleeve thong bodysuit. This piece is made out of comfortable materials (74% modal, 20% nylon, and 6% spandex). It is also breathable and can be worn all day long. It is very versatile and stylish and you can wear it with pieces like jeans and jackets.

Wholesale Seamless Outer Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit

With high-elastic fabric on the arms and abdomen you will get control and effective shaping in those areas. It has a thong design, that will perfectly shape your curves, provides breast support thanks to its tight tissue under the chest, and has a snap button design on the crotch.



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