4 Gorgeous Shapewear Pieces That Are Worth The Investment Before Christmas Day

4 Gorgeous Shapewear Pieces That Are Worth /The Investment Before Christmas Day

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4 Gorgeous Shapewear Pieces That Are Worth The Investment 

Christmas is just around the corner and this means there will be lots of parties and get-together with families and friends. If you are looking forward to the festive season but dread putting on a body-hugging outfit, well don't worry. There is an amazing garment that can help you look sleeker and give you the confidence you need to slay the dress.

Shapewear is the perfect help you need to enhance your natural curves and create a streamline silhouette under your clothes. There are many benefits to shapewear and most important ones are to help boost confidence and having offering a more polished look. There are many different types of shapewear pieces that are specially designed to help smooth and define areas such as torso, rear, breast and thighs. The type of shapewear that you choose can completely change how your clothes fit you and the overall comfortability. Many people would not want to admit wearing shapewear but there is nothing wrong in getting a little help sculpting, toning and smoothing the body with these amazing undergarments. If you are unsure where to start, searching for the perfect shapewear piece can be rather daunting.  With so many options out there, making the right choice can be as hard as the outfit itself.

This is why you should check out this guide on the 4 gorgeous shapewear pieces that are worth investing while you drop it low on the dance floor this holiday season. They are available from Waistdear, a leading shapewear and waist trainer wholesale vendor that has an impressive range of the latest technology functional slimming shapewear and waist trainer garments. Waistdear offers products that help with weight loss, strengthening the abdominal core, body shaping, smoothing out lumps of the body, improving posture and confidence.

How To Find The Right Shapewear For You

A good quality shapewear is one that can help to slim your torso, control and smooth your tummy and hips, shape the waist and look seamless under your outfit.

Shapewear for waist and tummy



Available in sizes XS to 5X and in four flesh toned colors, this seamless full body shaper can be your best friend to hold in your core and offer support to your chest. This mid-thigh full bodysuit is designed to compress your tummy, support your posture, sculpt your waist and rear targeting.  Made from nylon and elastane, it is soft and seamless. It has got the right amount of give and is comfortable enough to wear all day long under dresses, skirts or pants.  Match a full body shaper with a specifc garment and allow it to blend in seamlessly. You can take a pick and choose of each color to coordinate with your entire wardrobe.



If you want a smoother figure or slimmer waistline, then try out this waist cincher or tummy wrap.  Made with high-quality polyester and latex, it can help to define and sculpt the waist, creating a gorgeous hourglass figure.  It features three pieces of segmented hooks for easy adjustable of different level of compression according to your needs. This waist trainer wholesale also has three flexible steel bones to support the waist and prevent rolling up. This tummy wrap visibly reduces inches in the waistline, abdomen, tummy and lower back without compromising on comfort. It can also help to improve posture and reduce back strain. The waist trainer is suitable for to be worn for long periods and even during workouts.

Shapewear For Buttocks And Legs



These leggings will not only give the appearance of toned legs, it is something that you will be reaching for tummy, leg and butt shaping and compression. Available in sizes XS to XXXL, these leggings are made from moisture-wicking, fast-drying material and silver ion nano-coating lining that will increase the body temperature during workout. This will create the feeling of hot sauna-like experience to detoxify and clean pores. Its silver film material waistband is anti-skid and prevents rolling. The leggings are incredibly comfortable and offer body control. Designed to help reduce cellulite and muscle fatigue, these leggings are ideal for everyday use, fitness, workouts, walking and general exercising at all levels. They are meant to make you feel more comfortable and confident.



If you goal is to feel sexy and confident, you will love the sexy touch that lace adds to lingerie or shapewear. This high-waist slimming shorts is created for tummy and booty shaping.  Shaping shorts are an excellent choice if you want to slim down the midsection, hips and lift the buttocks. The compression material will sculpt those curves and smooth out any bulges. The best thing is that it will not show under your clothes.  This pair of shorts is available in three colors and sizes XS to 6XL. Designed to tone legs, sculpt waist and lift the butt with its built-in support, compresses the tummy and even support the posture, thus making it great to wear to weddings, prom and any special occasions. This 3-in-1 shapewear can be used as a waist trainer, butt lifter and thigh slimmer. This firm control high waist shaper short is definitely value for money. With a row of hook and eye closure, this shaper short is easy to wear and the floral lace hem helps to stay in place.

Waistdear is one of the leading shapewear manufacturers with a unique range of shapewear covering a variety of body shapes and sizes, from petite to plus sizes. They are dedicated to bringing sexy, empowering and comfortable shapewear choices to create instantly slimmer and smoother canvas underneath clothes. This size inclusive brand aims to help women all over the world to realize their true beauty and to love and embrace their curves. Besides enhancing curves and offering superior sculpting results, Waistdear multi-functional shapewear collection will also boost confidence. Time to reveal your sexiest self and have control over your curves this holiday season.


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